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Feasibility of postoperative spine stereotactic body radiation therapy in proximity of carbon and titanium hybrid implants using a robotic radiotherapy device. Published May 2022.

Response assessment after stereotactic body radiation therapy for spine and non-spine bone metastases: results from a single institutional study Published Feb 2022.

Impact of regular magnetic resonance imaging follow-up after stereotactic radiotherapy to the surgical cavity in patients with one to three brain metastases. Published March 2019.

Dosis-Vergleichsstudie MLC vs. IRIS bei Hin- und Lebertumoren / Dose analysis of InCise 2 multi leaf collimator and IRIS-based stereotactic radiotherapy plans for brain and liver tumors. Published March 2019.

Radiosurgery of vestibular schwannoma: prognostic factors for hearing outcome using 3D-constructive interference in steady state (3D-CISS). Published September 2018. 

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